The Elegy Ensemble & Church of the 8th Day Present


SKYEATER, Our Place Of Worship Is Silence, STAVVES

Fri ยท July 20, 2018

8:00 pm

$12.00 - $15.00

This event is 21 and over

Begun as a purely experimental improvisational outlet in 2000 after the demise of Weakling, and existing concurrently with The Gault and Asunder, John Gossard began creating music with drummer Peter Blair, born out the ashes of Weakling, but constantly morphing through other realms of dark music. After nearly a decade of fermentation, a few unstable lineups, and countless worldly distractions, 2009 saw a stable lineup form with Todd Meister and Nikhil Sarma entering the picture. With a full lineup, many the skeletons created from the old recorded improvisations became the basis for fully composed material. In 2010 the rehearsal/demo tape "Rehearsal at Oboroten" was released and the band began making occasional live appearances. In late 2011 N.S. exited the group due to conflicting prior commitments. Dispirit played a handful of shows after N.S. departure thanks to the help Sean McGrath (Impaled, Ghoul) to fulfill our prior commitments. In mid 2012 the band recruited Ryan Jencks (Deathroes, Sixes, Crash Worship) on second guitar and in late 2012 recorded a second demo, "111112". In mid 2013 P.B. retired for the band, and Jason Bursesse (Cyanic, Black Fucking Cancer) joined them as session drums for select shows. In 2014 the band recruited Trevor Deschryver (Lycus, ex-Deafheaven (yeah quit your whining already!)) on drums, but for how long?
Our Place Of Worship Is Silence
Venue Information:
Moroccan Lounge
901 E 1st St
Los Angeles, CA, 90012