SOLD OUT Kelsey Lu

SOLD OUT Kelsey Lu


Tue · May 8, 2018

7:30 pm

$12.00 - $15.00

Sold Out

This event is 21 and over

Kelsey Lu
Kelsey Lu
Born in Charlotte, North Carolina, Kelsey Lu left home at 18 to study cello. Now based in Los Angeles, Lu is currently working on her album, the follow-up to her debut EP, Church, which was released in 2016 on True Panther Sounds and recorded live in Brooklyn's Holy Roman Catholic Church. She has collaborated with, and contributed to albums from, many of her peers including Blood Orange, Kelela, Wet and Organized Noize; and shared stages with artists including Florence + the Machine, Jamie xx, Kendrick Lamar, Solange, Grimes, Kamasi Washington, Sampha and more.
FUPU is the white male patriarchy’s reckoning. It’s dressed in an all-Black, femme punk band, but it’s the war for reparations incarnate. FUPU does not represent the same ol’ coy request for equality, it’s a declarative statement: we have BEEN understanding and humble to the point of detriment, so new rules-FUCK U PAY US and SUCK MY NAPPY BLACK PUSSY.

FUPU is an acronym for the aforementioned demand for compensation and it consists of vocals, guitar, bass, and drums. It formed first in the imagination of THE UHURUVERSE (vocals/guitar) who loves punk music but never heard it expressed through a Black Woman. In fact, The Uhuruverse first picked up the guitar to start playing with FUPU--before that, she had dreams of becoming what she calls “Prince Hendrix”, a legendary hybrid which needs no introduction.

The Uhuruverse met the band’s lead vocalist, Jasmine Nyende, while she was singing “Violet” by Hole for karaoke. She was so impressed she asked the No Sesso model to join an all-black woman punk band she was starting called FUPM (Fuck U Pay Me). The name was soon changed to FUPU, because: 1.) Jasmine liked the ties to the hip-hop clothing line FUBU, and 2.) A band is more than one person!

The Uhuruverse found the original FUPU bassist and drummer via friendly recommendation and Facebook. When all the elements were in play the band started rehearsals. They posted a video of a rehearsal and it went viral—over forty thousand views—before Facebook stopped counting, and shortly after internet stardom, the band played their first show: FEMMES TO THE FRONT, at The Forest in Long Beach, CA. They used a substitute drummer that night because their official drummer was in jail, and after that show the bassist—who couldn’t handle the band’s rapidly budding success OR the responsibility of its free, black message—quit.

While the stars were shifting her out of the way, AYOTUNDE OSAREME was dreaming about being at an “Afropunk industrial goth event.” When she woke up, she had a Facebook message from The Uhuruverse
asking if she wanted to be in an Afropunk, goth band.
FUPU started rehearsals again but their drummer, though released
from jail wasn’t showing up so the band drew up contracts for accountability. Once the clause was broken, so were ties to the drummer who made way for TIANNA NICOLE—a seasoned drummer who was moving close by. When The Uhuruverse contacted Tianna, she’d already heard of the band,
loved it, and agreed to make it a priority. Thus, FUPU was re-born and the players in place:
JASMINE NYENDE—lead vocalist, who plays ukulele and has been playing folk music for ten years believes range and a wide, creative mind can save us all. Her focus is writing.
AYOTUNDE OSAREME—a bassist and African storyteller, became intrigued by the barely noticeable, hyper-necessary mysticism of the bass half-way through her decade-long study of the violin.
TIANNA NICOLE—who makes noise with whatever is available, but is moved by nothing more than the drums, has been drumming for thirteen years and wants to continue to understand the people and environment around her.
THE UHURUVERSE—who started playing guitar Summer 2016 when FUPU formed, believes music is in everything and makes up the entire Universe. Her priority is sustaining and prospering #SNATCHPOWER—a safe space for all of the oppressed.
FUPU has now been featured on, LA Weekly, and LA Times for their radical and overdue message of “reparations or bust.” And it’s very nice that you like the band,
but: FUCK U, PAY US!
Venue Information:
Moroccan Lounge
901 E 1st St
Los Angeles, CA, 90012