Cheap Tissue (Record Release Show)

Lolipop Records & Cretin Hop Present

Cheap Tissue (Record Release Show)

Death Hymn Number 9 (Farewell Show), CG Roxanne & The Nightmares

Fri · March 2, 2018

8:00 pm

$8.00 - $10.00

This event is 21 and over

Cheap Tissue
Directly east of the not-so-bright lights of Downtown Los Angeles, three young men met under a janky fire escape next to a dumpster and put their shriveled, pocketed dollar bills and loose change together to pay for the necessities (mostly booze) of starting a new band.

Furthering their minimal efforts in the dull, cultural wasteland known as Echo Park in June 2015: Andrew Taylor and Jesse Youngblood began to write songs with a high level of energy they felt most people would not like very much at all. Shortly after, they found John Tyree lurking around the same local dives and one-eyed drummer Matthew Spizer. The four got together infrequently over the next six months in rehearsal spaces that did not belong to them and put the not-so-polished touches on the turd that is CHEAP TISSUE.

Though most would describe CT as a garage-punk/rock ‘n’ roll outfit, they prefer being referred to as a very small, extremely sub-par orchestra with no conductor and the tendency to play songs at whatever tempo they feel like.

Brandishing snarling, fuzzy guitars and three “singers” up front, Cheap Tissue is coming to sloppily satisfy the needs of your girlfriend, your sister, your mother, and your misses.

Full Length LP out in March via Lolipop! Records.
Death Hymn Number 9 (Farewell Show)
Death Hymn Number 9 (Farewell Show)
Formed out of the murky Louisiana Swamp, these four denizens of somnambulance and limited brain power were a former backing band to Motown's greats, until abandoned at a routine gas stop in Baton Rouge in August 1965. In an act of brazen post-mortem activity, the band soldiered on, focusing their collective rage and wild abandonment issues into a thrashy, gross, fast, groovy, loud, hurt-feeling-fest of garage and punk rock bravado. After emerging from those garbage laden swamps, the band relocated to Los Angeles in late 2009 to annoy and harass the lazy bourgeois bar going public and teenage backyard house show attendee. Who knows what posthumous ridiculousness will ensue.
CG Roxanne & The Nightmares
CG Roxanne & The Nightmares
Venue Information:
Moroccan Lounge
901 E 1st St
Los Angeles, CA, 90012