Robert Stevenson of A Silent Film (Early Show)

Robert Stevenson of A Silent Film (Early Show)

I Am Strikes

Sat · March 10, 2018

7:00 pm (event ends at 3:00 am)


This event is 21 and over

Robert Stevenson of A Silent Film (Early Show)
Robert Stevenson of A Silent Film (Early Show)
For twelve years, Robert Stevenson was front-man, producer and primary songwriter of Oxford,
UK’s A Silent Film. The band’s anthemic music broke into alternative rock fans’ consciousness
with their 2010 debut album The City That Sleeps and its single “You Will Leave a Mark,” which
was held the record for most weeks at #1 ever on SiriusXM’s Alt-18 countdown. The band
followed up with 2012’s Sand & Snow and its hits “Harbour Lights” and “Danny, Dakota & the
Wishing Well.” In 2015, the band released its eponymous album A Silent Film, again achieving
alternative radio success with its singles “Lightning Strike” and “Something to Believe in.”
Throughout, the band developed a hard-core following for their spectacular live performances.
The Owl Mag described one of their shows: “There was nothing like this night. It wasn’t just a
concert. It was an experience for fans to hold onto forever…a night filled with intimacy and
After 3 albums, multiple charting singles, festival appearances at Corona Capital and Firefly,
supporting tours with OneRepublic, the Temper Trap and Smashing Pumpkins, and over 20
million streams of their songs, Robert and ASF co-founder Spencer Walker decided to take an
indefinite break from the band to pursue other creative and personal priorities.
As a thank you to their rabid fan base, Robert decided to mount an intimate tour of the U.S.
playing the band’s hits and other fan favorites in stripped-down, acoustic arrangements. The “All
Good Things” tour will be the only time Stevenson will tour and perform A Silent Film’s repertoire
during the band’s hiatus. “Spencer and I had taken some time off after his daughter was born,”
said Stevenson, “and when we re-convened, we both realized we were really happy doing things
away from the band – for him fatherhood, for me producing and writing with other artists. So it felt
like a natural time to close this chapter of the story. But we hadn’t had a chance to say a proper
good-bye to our absolutely wonderful fans. So we hatched the All Good Things idea as a way to
do that given the practical considerations of Spencer not being able to go on the road.”
I Am Strikes
I Am Strikes
There's a lot to be said about the steadfast commitment to honesty. However, it's no secret that some thoughts are too heavy to exist outside our own sphere of awareness. Enter I Am Strikes, an emerging indie-alternative artist from Sacramento, CA with a lot to say and very little room for shame or discretion.

“If I need to say it, I sing it,” says I Am Strikes when asked what motivated her to start the project. “I don’t really believe in censorship. I think unhappiness is a byproduct of keeping quiet. We live in a world of small-talk and meaningless interaction and my only real intention when writing is to fight that grain.” It’s a relatable sentiment, to say the least.

While it's impossible to ignore her compelling vocal style and vulnerable lyrical content, I Am Strikes is more of a musician than most. At the age of 15, she began teaching herself to play the guitar. "I didn't know anything about it," she says. "My family didn't play. My friends didn't play. I didn't grow up around much music at all. I was kind of just sick of being an angsty teenager and finally gave myself a valid excuse to lock myself in my room." These hours of solitude lead to an undeniable proficiency of her instrument; the guitar seems an extension of her fingers.

Maybe she's a walking contronym, as her name would suggest. Maybe she straddles the line between centered and unstable. Or maybe she's the embodiment of a generation tired of shaming pain and stigmatizing uncertainty.

Regardless, it's no secret that I Am Strikes is far from the tail-end of her career.
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Moroccan Lounge
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